RIG I Districts (65)

The list of RIG I districts can be found at

All RIG I districts were introduced to the AWSP Framework and RubricsĀ to implement a new Principal Evaluation System.

RIG II Districts (125 adopting AWSP)

RIG II districts had the option of choosing between one of two approved leadership frameworks: the AWSP Framework and Rubrics model and the Marzano School Leadership Evaluation Model. WSLA provided training only for the AWSP model. The full list of RIG II districts can be found at

Non-RIG Districts (15)

Some non-RIG districts have attended RIG trainings by special approval from OSPI or received training through private contract with WSLA.

Those districts included: Aberdeen, Arlington, Clover Park, Dieringer, Franklin Pierce, Harrington, Morton, Oakville, Olympia, Onalaska, Renton, Rosalia, Seattle, Sunnyside, and White River