The Washington State Leadership Academy (WSLA) is focused on higher student achievement for every child by:

  • Engaging school and district administrators in transformative leadership practices.
  • Building and supporting strong, effective teams to solve complex issues related to teaching and learning.
  • Heightening education leaders’ awareness and ability to self-assess the personal characteristics and practices that lead to high performing organizations.
  • Helping individuals and teams implement leader behaviors that will lead to more effective systems.


  • Building a network of support for resolving real district issues related to learning and implementing best practices systemwide.
  • Learning how to become a better leader of powerful teaching and learning in your school/district.
  • On-site coaching that strengthens and supports leadership learning behaviors.
    Eliminating leader isolation as you work to strengthen your ability to increase student achievement.


While the majority of Academy expenses are covered by funding from the Washington State Legislature, each district participating in the Leadership Academy has been asked to commit two years to the program, pay a program fee, and cover travel expenses to attend trainings. There may be an option for participants to extend participation in Years 3 and 4 as part of a learning group or mentor.

Time Commitment

The Academy is designed as a two-year program. It is expected that districts respect the two-year time commitment when they begin the program.