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Carol Whitehead director of the Leadership Academy, has been committed to the important work of public education for more than 40 years. View full bio.

NEWS FLASH: District-Level Leadership Matters!

November 16, 2010 by ariggs

Submitted by Dr. Kristine McDuffy, WSLA Instructor and Coach In District Leadership That Works, Marzano and Waters dispel the myth that district leadership has no relationship to student achievement. In fact, their meta-analyses of the research on district leadership found the contrary—district level leadership has a measurable effect on student achievement. Marzano and Waters also looked [...]

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Why all the questions? Reflective Questioning Is a Powerful Coaching Tool

November 6, 2010 by ariggs

Reflective questions provide us with an opportunity to press the “pause button” and stop and look into the corners of our thinking. Submitted by Gene Medina, WSLA Instructor and Coach As an academy coach, it is common for us to wonder about our effectiveness as coach. Am I helping the team more deeply understand and [...]

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